Agile Certification

Growing Agile have provided a comprehensive and accurate blog post regarding Agile and Scrum Certifications Options. The one that it is missing is Kanban, which I have included below.

Certificates available listed below::

Scrum … (read more…)

agility@IQBusiness training

Agile training – Product Owner, Scrum Master, Kanban, DevOps

Whether you are new to Agile or want to sharpen your skills, agility@ IQ Business offer a range of training courses to suit your needs. See below a list of training that (read more…)

As a Team Coach or Scrum Master, conflict within a team is something we often have to deal with. Over the years I have come across a number of techniques that help resolve team conflict. Regardless of the technique you decide to use, its important to understand or try to see each individuals map of the world. Try to understand the position each team member is coming from, what state they are in, … (read more…)

I have worked with Angie for a few years now. When I first worked with Angie, she was in the role of Business Process Analyst.  I was coaching the team that Angie was part of, in Agile. I met allot of resistance from other team members, but Angie seemed to take to Agile like a duck to water. Angie was … (read more…)

Values are very personal, but more than that, our true, core values are not that easy to identify. If you ask someone what their values are, nine times out of ten, they will rattle off a list of values that they believe are important to them. It maybe that these values are important to them or at least they believe they are, but are they their core values though. Values are what … (read more…)