Agile boot camp – Scrum framework

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The boot camp is geared towards enabling the project team and team members to adopt an Agile approach to their projects with a specific focus on the Scrum Framework. The boot camp is aimed at delegates that have not been exposed to Agile / Scrum or users of Agile / Scrum where a refresher is required of the underlying values and principles. A certificate of attendance will be awarded.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the Agile approach to projects including values, principles and demystifying the myths
  • A detailed understanding of the Scrum Framework focusing on roles, ceremonies and artefacts
  • A practical walkthrough of the Scrum Framework by using practical exercises to reinforce the theory learnt
  • An understanding of how to estimate and plan in an Agile environment

Who should attend?

  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Programmers / Software developers
  • Development Managers
  • Product Managers / Product Owners
  • Product Analysts
  • Testers / Test Analysts
  • Solution designers / architects

Training Dates

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2 thoughts on “Agile boot camp – Scrum framework

  1. Bootcamps help a great deal for someone who is just about to take up the scrum certification. Do not treat this as your main training, this is something which you must do right before your answer the exam because it will be like revising the topics.

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