A new approach in managing an Agile Adoption

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Our traditional thinking of managing change, when we look at the change models we currently use, suggest that we believe everyone changes at the same rate and intensity. A traditional change management process typically looks like: Assess, Prepare, Plan, Implement and Sustain the change. A change team could take months to assess, prepare and plan […]

5 Crazy Reasons Why Agile May not Work in South Africa

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Luis Gonçalves recently published a post where he explains from his point of view, the five reasons why he believes Agile doesn’t work in Germany. (http://lmsgoncalves.com/2016/05/01/5-crazy-reasons-agile-not-work-germany/).  This is based on Luis living and working with German companies for seven years. I recently wrote about how change isn’t managed when adopting Agile, and how the lack […]